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Freelancing shouldn't mean you're all alone

Group benefits designed for

A dedicated team that handles everything, so you can freelance plug and play.  

Contact your personal advisor

Plan your 401K and retirement savings so that you have take risks today while securing your future. Plus talk to you own personal consultant to understand 

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Enjoy benefits of a multinational + freedom you 

Never fear the taxman

Forget filing quarterly taxes, chasing after 1099s from your clients, or the dreaded 'tax trap'.  

We make all deductions including expenses and federal/state/local withholdings beforehand, and pay you what is truly yours to keep! And a simple W-2 at the end of the year.

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Freelancing meets benefits

It's your own personal safety net. Get affordable group health insurance, HSA, retirement benefits including a 401(k), life insurance--everything offered by an employer, except easier and while enjoying your freedom as a freelancer.

Turn tax filing taxes to a breeze 

We got your back!

By joining us, you're protected by Truedime's corporate structure including our comprehensive business insurance.

 Also if a client is being hard to handle or you're facing a unseen legal issue, our lawyers will help you solve it. 

Your Business Backend

Use our app to create & track invoices, record time and expenses for each client and generate professional looking contracts within minutes. Sign everything digitally, so more time to do the work you so love!

You hustle, we hustle harder!

We work in the background for you. Everytime you accept a gig, we learn about the kind of projects you like working on, your pay rate, and we ask you to tell us what areas you would like to explore. 

And we recommend online courses, conferences, meetups and even connect you with client prospects we think you would enjoy working with.

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